Alaska Tobacco Control Alliance

The Alaska Tobacco Control Alliance was formed in 1991 to create a statewide network of health advocates to develop, support and sustain comprehensive tobacco control programs. ATCA’s mission is to create conditions for Alaskans to live free from the harmful effects of tobacco. There are many ways that you can get involved:


Our Vision: A Tobacco-Free Alaska

The right to breathe clean air.

Objective: Increase the percentage of Alaskans who are protected from the harms of secondhand smoke.

Tobacco use, in particular cigarette smoking, impacts those who do not participate in its consumption. The 1986 Surgeon General’s report titled The Health Consequences of Involuntary Smoking stated that secondhand smoke causes disease in non-smokers. Read More »

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All Alaskans become tobacco free.

Objective: To reduce disparities in tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure.

There is great disparity in tobacco use among diverse Alaskan populations. For instance, Alaska Natives in general, use tobacco products at a much higher rate than Alaska’s population as a whole. Read More »

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Communities take action.

Objective: Build the capacity of Alaskan communities to respond to the burden of tobacco use.

None of these goals can be successfully implemented unless community and state partners have the tools, skills and awareness needed to realize change. This goal addresses building capacity to implement and increase community readiness to accept tobacco prevention and control programs. Read More »

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Kids never start: protect our kids.

Objective: To increase the percentage of Alaskan youth who never start using tobacco.

It is in the tobacco industry’s best interest to foster and encourage the next generation of tobacco users. The tobacco prevention and control movement must be vigilant and work to support people, notably youth, in their choice to never start to smoke. Read More »

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Quit tobacco: there’s help.

Objective: To increase the percentage of Alaskans who successfully quit using tobacco.

It is well documented that it takes the typical smoker up to 10 attempts before they are successful in quitting for good. Programs that assist both young and adult smokers to quit can produce significant health and economic benefits. Read More »

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Sustain Alaska’s effort.

Objective: Support and maintain a comprehensive statewide tobacco control program.

Fundamental to the success of tobacco prevention and control activities in Alaska is a well-funded, well-operated, statewide comprehensive tobacco prevention and control program. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that state tobacco-control programs be comprehensive, sustainable, and accountable. Read More »

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