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Smokeless tobacco products have come under fire after a report by key advisory to Food and Drug Administration alleged that tobacco companies do not have sufficient scientific evidence to prove they are less harmful to health than cigarettes.  This can be detrimental for Altria Group as smokeless tobacco is the only segment that has been growing for the company in the past several quarters. The competes with Reynolds American and Lorillard, two of its biggest competitors in the U.S. Read More »

USA Today and the New York Times recently published articles that uncritically accepted assertions that smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes were useful as cessation tools.  Both of these studies were funded by tobacco/e-cigarette companies that had direct financial interests in the outcome of the work.  Both Brad Rodu (smokeless tobacco) and Riccardo Polosa (e-cigarettes) also worked as consultants to the companies making products they were evaluating. Read More »

“Daddy,” A.J. Burnett Jr. asked. “Is that gum?”

His son’s question stayed with Burnett until spring training, when he decided that after 11 big league seasons of pitching with a dip in his mouth, he would abstain from using smokeless tobacco on the mound. Read More »

60 Minutes provides timely reminder of Big Tobacco’s lies

A new article demonstrates how the lies and manipulation of the tobacco industry continues. “Last week, major tobacco companies again showed their aversion to the truth when they filed yet another lawsuit to block the FDA from implementing new, graphic warning labels on cigarettes.” Read More »