Here are some sample corporate, tribal and municipal policy being used to reduce smoking and tobacco use in Alaska communities and workplaces. See more examples in the documents at right.

SEARHC Campus Policy

Tobacco use is banned at all South East Alaska Regional Health Corporation (SEARHC) campuses under the following policies:

  • All SEARHC Campuses are tobacco free. The use of any tobacco product is prohibited in all areas
    defined in paragraph 1. of the definitions section.
  • All employees, patients and visitors will support the no smoking/tobacco free policy at all SEARHC

— SEARHC Policy Document, 2005

Blood Bank of Alaska

Effective January 1, 2006, it is the policy of the Blood Bank of Alaska to prohibit smoking or tobacco product use on all company premises. The policy applies to:

  • All areas of buildings occupied by company employees as well as all company premises surrounding the buildings occupied by company employees (i.e., parking lots, driveways, median areas, etc.).
  • All company sponsored off-site blood drives and events – this includes LIFEmobile drives.
  • All vehicles owned or leased by the company.
  • All visitors (customers and vendors) to company premises.
  • All temporary employees.
  • All student interns/externs.

— Blood Bank of Alaska Policy Document, 2006

Alaska Airlines Policy

In general, employment openings will be filled by non-users of nicotine products except where prohibited by law. Applicants must be nicotine free for a six-month period prior to seeking employment and will be screened during the pre-employment testing. Any applicant who states orally or in writing that they do not use nicotine, and is subsequently determined to have been untruthful, will not be considered further for employment. Where prohibited by law, use of nicotine products will not be considered during the screening process. Employees are expected to remain nicotine free. Where smoking is permitted, it is restricted to limited areas on company property, to be designated by the local managers.

— Employee Services Guide, Section 2.460, Page 1, 11/12/01)