Work Groups

Work Groups offer many ways for you to get involved. Here is an overview of each of the work groups and standing committees.

The ATCA Summit Workgroup plans the annual statewide tobacco prevention and control summit. It is composed of four committees: Content, Hosting, Youth, and Awards. Read More »

The ATCA Medicaid & Third Party Payer work group was founded in December 2007 to address the utilization of Alaska’s Medicaid tobacco cessation benefit. Since then the group has worked to increase tobacco-cessation related Medicaid benefits, to reduce barriers to utilizing the available benefits, and to explore third party payer reimbursement for tobacco cessation services. Read More »

The ATCA Youth Workgroup coordinates communication between the ATCA Steering Committee and youth networks involved in tobacco prevention and cessation efforts. This group worked to involve youth in the 2009 Tobacco Summit. Read More »

The ATCA Elections Workgroup manages the annual election process for regional representatives as well as the co-chair election process. Regional representation on the Steering Committee follows the regional boundaries set up under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Contact the Elections Work Group if you would like to help facilitate the annual Read More »

The ATCA Scholarship Workgroup awards scholarships to subsidize the cost of attending the Alaska Tobacco Summit or other training. Scholarships are intended to increase the level of expertise and sophistication of Alaskans working in tobacco prevention and control. Read More »

The Communications Work Group coordinates the ATCA newsletter which is produced four to six times per year. The Work Group has revised the annual membership mailing and plans to update the ATCA website to shift more information from the members-only section to the public site. Read More »

The membership workgroup reviews new member applications, works with the Steering Committee to streamline the application process and increase membership, and welcomes all new ATCA members. Read More »

The Alaska Native Tobacco Advisory Group (ANTAG) includes four Alaska Native representatives appointed by the Alaska Native Health Board (ANHB) to the steering committee plus Lincoln Bean (ANHB) who meet to explore ways to address disparities. All Alaska Natives who want to participate in these meetings are welcome. Read More »

Smokeless Tobacco is the newest ATCA workgroup. We have established an action plan to address smokeless tobacco use in Alaska, specifically Alaska Native use, youth use and the use of recently marketed smokeless products. Read More »

The Alaska Smokefree Housing Partnership is working to eliminate secondhand smoke from the air you breathe by advocating for Smokefree Policies in public/ private/tribal multi-unit housing, condos and single units, and to develop a statewide network to support citizens in living in smokefree environments. Read More »